St. Joseph's Cemetery

 St. Joseph's Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund Appeal

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus, who by his resurrection, has freed us from unending death and brought us into his eternal life.

I am asking for your help to build up the Perpetual Care Fund for St. Joseph Cemetery. The current balance is $6,213. Our 2018  goal  for endowing the Fund is $20,000.

The Perpetual Care Fund is a sum of money placed in trust through the parish cemetery for regular care and maintenance of the cemetery. The goal of the Fund is to grow and produce sufficient interest income to sustain the current and future maintenance obligation in perpetuity. From MN Catholic Cemetery Rules and Regulations, 2006.

Please consider donating to this important Fund for the current and future maintenance. Please help keep St. Joseph Cemetery a place of beauty and honor for our loved ones who have been buried there.

Thank you so much for your help!

Fr. Steven Daigle, Pastor

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